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Please let us do a FREE SEO AUDIT of your site. Enter your web site address, your main keywords and your competitor’s site. We will do an analysis and send you a report for Free! We will email it to you as soon as it completes!

This is a Free – No Obligation Scan of your Site!  This will tell you where your site needs improvement:

Is there a Speed Issue?  Google does not like Slow Sites!

Does your site have the correct markup and files needed for Google to Crawl it?  If you are missing a sitemap or a robots.txt file, Google could potentially not be INDEXING your site to the search engine correctly.


What’s Your SEO Score?

Enter the URL of the site and a keyword or phrase.

You can also use Googles free tools to check your website.  It is Mobile friendly?  Is it fast / responsive?  Are you using Schema to help Google locate you?  Try them all for free: