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What our awesome clients says:

Clayton is excellent at what he does. He pays close attention to detail to make sure you get the desired results you’re after. Search engine optimization is extremely difficult and you can tell he really keeps up to date and educated in his industry so he can be a master at his craft. It shows 🙂 …would definitely recommend!

Wendy Jordan

Speaker | Author

Clayton is a digital marketing expert who gives it all he has got! Clayton communicates well and can be trusted. Working with Clayton in the past on projects I have found him to be strategic and innovative when it comes dominating the rankings. I recommend Clayton because I know he will take good care of your business and help you achieve your online success.

Anton Bogatirev

Clayton is an incredibly skilled SEO who will go above and beyond to get you the search engine results you are looking for. He was able to get multiple websites from page 2 and 3 to the front page of Google and more than doubled their revenue. If you want incredible results, I would highly recommend you hire Clayton

Stefan Haacker

We are glad to have Clayton as our SEO consultant. He is very good at generating traffic and we have seen a 6x increase in our conversions due to his efforts. I can’t recommend Clayton highly enough.

Hadi Abdul

Clayton is very detailed oriented and really knows SEO. He is patient, kind, informative and can translate customer’s vision into reality. I highly recommend Clayton. His services were monumental to our project’s success and Company’s growth.

Nancy Dent - MBA

Clayton’s ability to rank any business’s website on the first page of Google is elite compared to global competition. He is one proven professional in his field and will successfully generate more paying customers for any business.

Jonathan Coco

Clayton is fantastic to work with and I would highly recommend him. He has demonstrated exceptional skills with SEO. The skills and knowledge he has about SEO is impressive and the fact that he has access to the greatest minds of all time in internet marketing make working with him an easy choice. If your company can handle more business get a hold of Clayton.

Rose Chatham

Senior Project Manager at The Contributors Organization

When it comes to Ecommerce & Marketing Clayton is a true talent. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field and has the team to get the job done better than anyone else. He demonstrates a great combination of skills and commitment, delivering extraordinary results. He strives to constantly improve his SEO practices and strategies in order to deliver the best results for his clients in the shortest amount of time possible. Working with him was fun and productive. I strongly recommend Clayton’s services to anyone who needs an expert for Ecommerce.

Donna Wright

Brand Protection Expert

Nothing gets missed with Clayton on the job. His detailed and highly organized consulting processes are what drive the elevated levels of ROI for each client he serves. Touch Strategies is masterful at creating niche audiences and converting hungry buyers from the crowd. I have enjoyed working with Clayton on several cutting edge projects and highly recommend him for anyone wanting outstanding service, great value and true professionalism.

Robert McCann

CEO | Pursue Your Legend, Inc.

Clayton has a tremendous amount of expertise in SEO. I can’t say enough about his work. He’s delivered results time after time ranking businesses on the first page of Google! With Clayton, you know that your business is in good hands. If you’re looking to 10x your business, Clayton is your guy!

Ryan Ramos

Clayton is by far one of the best SEO experts in his field. We have worked on several projects together and I continue to be impressed with his ability to rank clients, increase their brand and to generate revenue for their companies. I would highly recommend him for any of your SEO needs!

Darren Smith

Business Branding Expert

Mr. Turner and his deep understanding of SEO left me amazed. I have been able to transform my business thanks to Mr. Turner. When his knowledge, passion, focus and experience is on your favor, you will dominate your competition. Thank you Mr. Turner, I recommend you!

Peter Rodríguez

Consultor Experto - Generando Posibles Clientes a través de Google Para Dueños de Negocios.

Absolutely “Efficient & Amazing” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think of Clayton. His systematic, highly effective approach to maximizing every dollar you spend on marketing, is why he’s the one you want on your team to make it happen. His great skills in SEO is what gives him the option to pick and choose which clients he works with. Don’t hold back, give him all of the information he asks for, because he knows his craft pretty well. I highly recommend him….100%

Henry Oranugo

★Senior Designer★