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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO, Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing a certain number of visitors to your website, all by ranking high in the top search engines. Having SEO will help your business gain visitors f that you normally would have missed out on if your website wasn’t ranked high in the search engines.

Some people are often confused with how SEO exactly words. To break it down, SEO uses coding skills, engaging content, relevant backlinks and a good design.  Having your website appear higher in the search engine will lead to more traffic to your website. Who wouldn’t want more traffic? More traffic = more business.

If you are a service company and are on page three of Google Search Results, then you are loosing business to your competitors.  You want your company to appear on page one of Google or Bing or Yahoo when someone searches for your product or service.  It is estimated that if you are on page two or three of the search results, you are losing 30% of your potential business to your competitors.  That is why SEO is so important.  You want to appear on page one, organic result one.  That is the ultimate position.

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