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Have you ever received an email from a professional from their Gmail account or their Yahoo account?  It gives you pause.  Why?
Because you are thinking “If this person is a professional that I am about to pay, why have they not setup a professional email account for their company?”
It makes you think that they didn’t give it much thought and consideration.  If they didn’t care about their brand, why would they be a good plumber / contractor / lawyer for me?
Using your professional email address and domain name tells prospects and clients that you are a serious professional.  Even more than that, it gives them a reason, a reminder, that they can visit your web site. 
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There are a ton of companies out there competing for the same business.  We must stand out as individual companies in order to get that business.  If we do not stand out and come across as almost perfect, then we are putting ourselves at risk of further scrutiny and possibly losing a new deal. 
All things being equal, if I get a quote from two companies and one comes from an AOL account and one from a professional email account with a company signature and logo and possibly a link to that companies or individuals Yelp, Google +, BBB or LinkedIn pages, guess which company  I am going to choose.
Next up – Email signatures that drive traffic