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How do I submit my website to free web directories and get listed in the Google Snack Pack?

Get in the Google Snack Pack with correct NAP

How do I check My company NAP?

Answer: Citation Blast

You can submit your new or existing company to hundreds of directory sites at once.  This is called a Citation Blast.  There are several NAP (Name, Address, and Phone) blast services available.   One of the biggest is MOZ Local directory checker.  It will check your company information on hundreds of directory and citation sites. BrightLocal is another citation blast service company.

There is a way to use these sites in order to get good leads for your business.  Make sure that you are using one of the big citation service companies to check your listing.   This will check your existing NAP (Name Address and Phone Number) on all of the directory or citation sites and blast your new information.  It also usually includes your company website and sometimes even the company contact email address.


Brightlocal.com and MOZ will check that all of these sites have your company listed and will ensure that your company information is correct and up to date.  You will get a report and it will show you how these sites are reporting your company information.   If you haven’t checked you NAP with one of these citation services, I guarantee that you will be in for a surprise.  You will find that old, inaccurate information is probably being posted about your NAP and web and email address on at least a few of the directory sites.  That is why Brightlocal has been doing so well.

This is a how-to use BrightLocal.com if you want to DIY.

Many companies have no idea that directory sites are reporting inaccurate information about their address, phone or web address.  This is COSTING you BUSINESS.  This is COSTING YOU MONEY!  You are not only MISSING LOST REVENUE from being listed incorrectly.  Google also lowers your website’s organic rank if your NAP is listed differently on directory sites.  If Yelp! has a different NAP for you then let’s say yp.com (Yellowpages), then Google takes that into account that something is fishy and will actually lower your web score and push you below your competitor’s results.  Google has thousands of factors in their rank algorithm, this is just one of the many things that Google grades about your website, but it is a significant factor.

Have you ever edited your information on one of these citation sites only to come back a week later and find that the old information has returned to your profile?  That is because a lot of these sites get their updates from on of the four data aggregators: InfoUSA, NewStar, Axiom and Factual.  If they have old info for you – the small citation sites will grab your information from their sites.

You can even signup for a monitoring service with AdviseLocal, BrigtLocal or MOZLocal, WhiteSpark or Yext that will monitor any changes of your name address or phone # on the directory sites so that you can get the bad information changed quickly.  Even if you don’t signup for the monitoring, use the services to blast your NAP to all of the directories.  As with every service, there is usually someone on fiverr.com who will do a directory/citation blast for you for a fee.  So you have several resources to use, at little cost to ensure that your NAP is correct on the web!

If you would like us to do a NAP analysis and blast for you, simply fill out our web form and someone will get back to you.  Check your NAP – Do it yourself, or let us do it for you!