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Facebook Now Allows Users to Send Businesses a Private Message

Facebook is now giving businesses some power when it comes to customer support on social media. An external management tool typically provides it.

Good or bad customer service

To be able to obtain a more efficient shopping experience, there will be a button for a “Send Message” feature on Facebook that allows users to submit a private message to a business page, right from their news feed ad.

Any messages sent to a business page will have attachments that will reveal which ad targeted the user and made them reach out. This new feature is going to allow businesses to generate more leads and help businesses with their customer relations. There is a lot of value when it comes to the button for the “Send Message” feature. The button is a great lead generation tool. For example, if a potential customer saw an ad regarding a product, they may submit a message to the business for further information, which leads to potential value.

Facebook also allows companies to send a reply to all of their public comments in a private message. This is a great option as it could help a business manage their unique brand while on the social media platform.

When consumers are disgruntled, they post negative sentiment towards a brand to its Facebook page, which could have a ripple effect on other consumers and hurt the business. But now, brands will be able to handle customer requests more efficiently via private messages.

The ability to move sensitive conversations to a private message is a positive feature regarding customer complaints. Companies should still leave a comment saying how they will handle the request. The manager of the brand should reach out publicly to let them know the matter will be taken care of, that way other customers know the company is responsive to messages.

Any businesses that respond quick to customers will get a “very responsive” badge on their page. This badge is achieved if the company responds to 90% of the messages, as well as having an average response time of five minutes or less. This badge will benefit both small and medium businesses, due to customers looking for businesses who offer immediate responses.

Due to SMBs not having many resources to offer consistent live-chat, we recommend to list the hours that there will be live assistance provided on Facebook. Customers would understand and know what to expect so they have an understanding.

Customer Service

The responsive rates could put some added pressure for businesses. A business may get hundreds of messages per day and it may be hard to keep up, but they will want to maintain that “very responsive” badge.

Facebook had declined to reveal a product roadmap. However, with the newest features, the platform will be able to give SMBs customer support that bigger brands typically buy through an external management tool.

It would be interesting when watching for numerous tools within the social marketplace, as well as their eventual impact. Facebook could be poised to take any of the market shares that would be from the tools that successfully built business on social networks, or the brands who continuously leverage the holistic tools (external) that will streamline the everyday productivity that serves various networks, all in just one convenient place.