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Touch Strategies Marketing

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Marketing And Advertising

We offer a variety of marketing and advertising services to develop.

Client Relationship Management

Client or Customer Relationship Management is the center focus of your business.

Targeted Press Releases

Online and Offline media can be invaluable to any business when trying to draw awareness.

Marketing Collateral

How you present your product and services is everything –  it drives the client and market you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the process of obtaining more traffic to your website.

Business Consulting & Sales Training

The law of nature states that 80% of your results comes from 20% of your efforts.

Website Development

Your marketplace is constantly changing and the internet is the number one source.

Targeted Email Marketing

High quality email marketing campaigns are essential to drive traffic to your website. 

Social Media & Viral Marketing

If you wish you could target an audience through Facebook, Myspace, Twitter.

SEO vs PPC – What is the Best Web Traffic Strategy?

Businesses Can Benefit from Both Organic SEO and PPC Strategies You have taken the time to build out a nice website, created all your social media pages: GMB Google My Business, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc…  You have setup all of your citations: Yelp!, BBB,...

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How is your NAP? How do I get in the Google Snack Pack?

How do I submit my website to free web directories and get listed in the Google Snack Pack? Answer: Citation Blast You can submit your new or existing company to hundreds of directory sites at once.  This is called a Citation Blast.  There are several NAP (Name,...

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